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Lucy and Sunjoyo @ Glen Abbey Golf Club

Wedding Vendors:

Coordination: Gurley Events, Melissa and Poonam
Ceremony: Our Lady of Sorrows
Venue: Glen Abbey Golf Course
Floral: Plush Flowers
Decor: DIY by the Bride, Set-Up by Gurley Events
Photographer: Tanya Cimera Brown Photography
Transportation: FDH Limousines
Cake: Just Temptations
Chiavari Chairs: The Ultimate Wedding Project
Bride’s Hair and Make Up: Blushing Beauty

Client Review:

“Melissa and her staff of Gurley Events are amazing people. I just had my dream wedding on August 30th and it is a dream come true. She is very organized and professional. I couldn’t imagine what I would do without them. Melissa took care good care of us, made sure that I feel good and comfortable. Some guests, unfortunately, couldn’t make it in the last minutes and there were empty seats. I didn’t like to see empty table in my reception so Melissa and her staff quickly took care of the problem. At the end, all the tables are even numbered and all the guests enjoyed their evening. I highly recommend Melissa and Gurley Events for any bride-to-be. They are professional and they will make your dream wedding come true.”