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Valerie and Ivan @ Madsen’s Gardens

Wedding Vendors:

Coordination: Gurley Events
Personal Florals: Dandie Andie
Centerpieces: Madsen’s Gardens
Table Numbers and Seating Chart: Custom Made by the Bride
Venue: Madsen’s Gardens
Photographer: Dessa Maroon
Cake: Made with Love by the Bride’s Aunt
DJ: Dynamic Music Solutions
Cake in a Jar Favors: Dessert by Design
Chivari Chairs: The Ultimate Wedding Project

Client Review:

“Melissa and Assunta were fantastic! I knew as soon as I met Melissa she would be perfect to help with my big day. She is highly organized and I could tell she was going to care about my wedding as much as I did! I knew that all would be well in her hands. She did so much work leading up to the wedding which I absolutely needed because I was burnt out by then – talk about taking stress away! My wedding had some small hick-ups that were dealt with immediately and professionally by her and Assunta. They didn’t miss a single detail for the set-up. Everything was exactly how I wanted and was beautiful. Hiring a wedding planner is the BEST INVESTMENT you can do for your wedding! I HIGHLY recommend Gurley Events for wedding planning, they were life savers!! Thank you Melissa and Assunta!! “